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Rock CD Vol 111

Rock CD Vol 111
Rock CD Vol 111

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Production: Rock

CD Album Vol: 111

CD Album Title:

CD Album Price: 5000R


Country: Cambodia

Format: MP3

Last Updated: 4/23/2018

Genre: POP/Romvong/Traditional/Rock



Title Duration Download
1.02-Sane Sday.MP3 02:55 N/A
2.01-Louch Snaeh Douch Knare.MP3 04:17 N/A
3.09-Vi Padisary Rom Doul Chan Thrae.MP3 03:22 N/A
4.04-Tirk Jet Phaek Riyare.MP3 05:05 N/A
5.10-Haet Ahvey.MP3 03:14 N/A
6.05-Snaeh Oun Jare Dara.MP3 04:09 N/A
7.03-Shamn Ark Nus Sha.MP3 04:13 N/A
8.07-Min Joung Bat Bong.MP3 03:12 N/A
9.08-Tour Aek Khong Jet Bong.MP3 03:37 N/A
10.06-Snaeh Pit Pi Bong.MP3 03:49 N/A

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Call Ring Back Tone Code (Sample)
Title Smart Cellcard Metfone
Rock CD Vol 111 SMS to 855 SMS to 2727 SMS to 1772
01-Louch Snaeh Douch Knare X56531 X14541 X235231
02-Sane Sday X56532 X14542 X235232
03-Shamn Ark Nus Sha X56533 X14543 X235233
04-Tirk Jet Phaek Riyare X56534 X14544 X235234
05-Snaeh Oun Jare Dara X56535 X14545 X235235
06-Snaeh Pit Pi Bong X56536 X14546 X235236
07-Min Joung Bat Bong X56537 X14547 X235237
08-Tour Aek Khong Jet Bong X56538 X14548 X235238
09-Vi Padisary Rom Doul Chan Thrae X56539 X14549 X235239
10-Haet Ahvey X565310 X145410 X2352310


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