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Sunday CD Vol 213

Sunday CD Vol 213
Sunday CD Vol 213 

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Production: Sunday

CD Album Vol: 213

CD Album Title: 12. Sroveong Kom Plech Jong Dai - James

CD Album Price: 5000R


Country: Cambodia

Format: MP3

Last Updated: 11/22/2017

Genre: POP/Romvong/Traditional/Rock



Title Duration Download
1.01. Komlos ot let - Sereymun.MP3 04:56 N/A
2.02. Bot hear - Sereymun.MP3 03:37 N/A
3.03. Songsa moha ko - Sereymun.MP3 03:26 N/A
4.04. Oun roim pi mok bong roim pi kroy - James.MP3 03:32 N/A
5.05. Komlos knhom neak na song - Eno.MP3 04:18 N/A
6.06. Som merl sin - Linda.MP3 03:15 N/A
7.07. Mae chea meh phteas lek 1 - Boti.MP3 02:49 N/A
8.08. Chromos kom pet kur oy knanh - Sereymun.MP3 03:39 N/A
9.09. Berk trong treay thom tam rok sneh pet - James.MP3 03:05 N/A
10.10. Sethey luy khmer - Eno.MP3 04:56 N/A
11.11. Pon neng mech dae - Linda.MP3 04:19 N/A
12.12. Sroveong kom plech jong dai - James.MP3 02:32 N/A

Download Sunday CD Vol 213 Full Album


Call Ring Back Tone Code (Sample)
Title Smart Cellcard Metfone
Sunday CD Vol 213 SMS to 855 SMS to 2727 SMS to 1772
Loneliness X25541 X34161 X346551
Heal X25542 X34162 X346552
Granddaughter X25543 X34163 X346553
I dance in front of the drum behind X25544 X34164 X346554
My boyfriend who pays X25545 X34165 X346555
Look what X25546 X34166 X346556
Mother's House # 1 X25547 X34167 X346557
Naughty nose X25548 X34168 X346558
Big opening to true love X25549 X34169 X346559
Millionaires X255410 X341610 X3465510
What's the matter? X255411 X341611 X3465511
Drunk, do not forget to tie your hand X255412 X341612 X3465512


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