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Sunday CD Vol 105

Sunday CD Vol 105
Sunday CD Vol 105

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Production: Sunday

CD Album Vol: 105

CD Album Title: 10 Oun Neak Kbot Tae Oun Kor Jea Neak Chher Chab

CD Album Price: 5000R


Country: Cambodia

Format: MP3

Last Updated: 12/6/2017

Genre: POP/Romvong/Traditional/Rock



Title Duration Download
1.10 Oun Neak Kbot Tae Oun Kor Jea Neak Chher Chab.MP3 03:48 N/A
2.09 Ter Mnus Srey Baeb Na Del Bong SroLanh Hery Min Kbot.MP3 04:09 N/A
3.08 Oun SroLanh Bong Rong Cham Tae Ke TroLob Mok Vinh.MP3 04:09 N/A
4.07 BamPhlech Bong Min Ban Kor Trov Tae BamPhlech.MP3 03:59 N/A
5.06 BamPhlech Oun Tov.MP3 04:23 N/A
6.05 Tirk Phnek Mean Ney SamRab Neak Khoch Chit .MP3 04:59 N/A
7.04 Min Khernh TirkPhnek Neak Chas Tae Khernh Snarm...MP3 04:35 N/A
8.03 Dam Chit Smos Cham Snae Kbot.MP3 05:47 N/A
9.02 BamPhlech Peak Baek Ban Te.MP3 04:06 N/A
10.01 Kum Leak Ke Prous Oun.MP3 03:51 N/A

Download Sunday CD Vol 105 Full Album


Call Ring Back Tone Code (Sample)
Title Smart Cellcard Metfone
Sunday CD Vol 105 SMS to 855 SMS to 2727 SMS to 1772
1. Do not hide from you - សុខ ពិសី X73471 X29121 X638761
2. Let's forget the word - fate X73472 X29122 X638762
3. Sok Pisey X73473 X29123 X638763
4. Not seeing tears of old people but seeing new smiles - Eva X73474 X29124 X638764
5. Tears mean for you heartbroken X73475 X29125 X638765
6. I miss you - Eva X73476 X29126 X638766
7. Forgot not forget you - Sok Pisey X73477 X29127 X638767
8. I love you waiting for them to come back X73478 X29128 X638768
9. What kind of girl you love and do not betray - Eva X73479 X29129 X638769
10. You, you are a traitor, you are also hurt-Sok Pisey X734710 X291210 X6387610


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